I. Collective Bargaining Agreements

One of the main functions of NECWEI is to facilitate for the process of the collective bargaining in the industry. The NECWEI therefore provides a collective bargaining platform whereby the Employers Association and the Trade Union negotiate and come up with a collective bargaining agreement on issues relating to wages, salaries and every other condition of service. Every year a meeting for negotiations is conducted by NECWEI. Negotiations are conducted yearly by the two social partners.

The NEC Social Partners concluded the 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreements which has been submitted to Ministry of Labour for Registration.

All other Collective Bargaining Agreements can be obtained from Printflow or Government Printer and also they can be downloaded from this site.

III. Training

NECWEI provides the following training to all sectors within its jurisdiction :-

  • The use of code of conduct.
  • Workers committees and works council on their roles and functions. It gives this training to both employees and employers.
  • Educating both employers and employees on labour legislation and labour matters.

III. Dispute Resolution


All disputes and unfair labour practices that arise in the Welfare and Educational Organisations are resolved at National Employment Council for the Welfare and Educational Institutions in accordance with the Employment code of conduct and the Labour Act Chapter 28:01.

All unfair labour practices are referred to a Designated Agent and they are disposed of through Conciliation and Arbitration.

All appeals emanating from the disciplinary process are referred to the NECWEI appeals committee.

A party which is aggrieved by the decision or determination of the appeals committee or the arbitrary adjudication of the Arbitrator shall appeal to the Labour Court.

The NECWEI Employment Code of Conduct can be obtained from all NECWEI offices.