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Employee Register

The General Secretary shall maintain a Register of the number of employees returned in terms of the CBA.

Every employer shall place each employee in a grade prescribed appropriate to his/her occupation and shall pay wages to such employee of at least the amount prescribed here under for the employee’s grade and class. In terms of clause 11 of the CBA, every employer shall keep records of all employees for whom wages are prescribed in this agreement, which shall reflect the following:-

1. full name; and
2. grade and occupation
3. date of engagement; and
4. wage rate; and
5. daily and total number of hours worked; and
6. the amount of overtime worked; and
7. bonus and allowance and deductions from wages; and
8. gross and net wages; and
9. date of payment and signature of recipient.

These records shall be kept at the establishment at all times and shall be kept for a period of not less than three years.


As an Employer please be advised that all remuneration shall be paid in cash, or, at the option of the employee, by cheque, and shall be accompanied by a written statement (pay slip). Where the employer does not provide accommodation or transport, the employer is required to pay housing and transport allowances that are subject to change from time to time.

Where an employer fails to pay wages as stipulated, such wages shall become payable to the General Secretary of the Council who shall have the right to claim wages on behalf of all employees covered by the CBA.

Where payment is not made within the time stipulated, interest shall be chargeable at a rate which shall be three points above the base lending rate.

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Nec Dues

All employers and employees in the Welfare and Educational Institutions are required by law to pay council dues every month. The dues are paid at a rate of two (2%) percent of the basic salary from the employee and another (2%) two percent from the employer to make an aggregate of four percent (4%). 

These monthly Subscriptions are for running the administrative costs and the day to day activities of the NEC office. Council dues may be paid as cash at council offices, can be deposited into the bank account or transferred into the account (NECWEI Bank Details: Account Number 2157-6291973 Barclays Bank, Newlands Branch Harare).

NB: A penalty of 40% per annum will be charged on all outstanding dues.


Clause 2(C) of the CBA reads “No employer or employee may waive the provisions of this agreement, whether or not the said provisions create a benefit to or an obligation upon the employee concerned. Each provision shall create a right obligation, as the case may be, independently of the existence of other provisions”.


In terms of clause 2 (c) and for the purpose of meeting the expenses of the Council every employer shall make a deduction equivalent to 2% from the earnings of each employee for whom wages are prescribed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

To the sum so deducted, the employer shall contribute the same amount and forward to the money to the General Secretary of this Council together with a in the form prescribed.
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