All institutions are required to bring the following information to facilitate the updating of our current database. EMPLOYER DETAILS Name/Organization Sector: Physical: Postal: Telephone/Cellphone: E-mail Address: EMPLOYEE DETAILS 1. First Name 2. Surname 3. Date of Birth 4. Gender 5. I.D. No 6. Grade 7. Service 8. Job Title 9. Wage (Gross) 10. Allowances

Exemptions Process

EXEMPTIONS PROCESS 1. An Application is received by the NECWEI Secretariat. 2. Vetting is done to check for the required documents. 3. Where all documents are furnished, application is referred to the exemption committee. NB: In the case where there are missing requirements the NEC Secretariat writes back to the Applicant for them to furnish NECWEI with …

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